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Filofax Planner

Planner Setup + Process Video | The Planner Society

In February 2014, I bought for myself my first official planner – a FiloFax Saffiano personal size in raspberry. Not that I don’t plan out my days and weeks before getting it, but I used to use a table calendar and a notepad to list my to-dos and that was about it. Subsequently, my daily life seems more organised and I documented the daily happenings into my little but handy planner too.


It is always fun and therapeutic to decorate the pages in my planners, yet it could get overwhelming when it comes to selecting the ‘suitable’ stuff to decorate them. I don’t haul a lot of stationery although secretly I wish to have this and that and many many more others when I saw what other fellow planners shared on their social media account. LOL. Talk about enablers! But having said that, I did feel more time was spent than it should be while I tried to pick the right stickers or matching washi tapes as I went through my stash. After which we’d comment that time is not enough… hmmm… sounds familiar? :p Anyhow, that is when a kit comes in handy and timely. I got to use what is in the kit and then perhaps add a few extras from my own stash. This sure saves quite a significant amount of time!

Planner Setup The Planner Society July Kit - Pic 1

And so, when I was invited by Christy from The Planner Society to be her July guest and got to play with her planner kit, I gave her a BIG YES right away! Come on, I must be out of my mind if I were to refuse this awesome invitation. Her planner kit is one of a kind with plenty of exclusive items such the pattern papers she designed, stickers, memo pads, die cut tags, journal cards and many more. Psst.. if you are a planner lover who loves to decorate your pages, you have to take a serious look at what she got to offer. And don’t say I didn’t warn you, her subscription is filled up till the month of September (if I’m not wrong). Quickly snag a kit for yourself while you can, because her kit just keeps getting better each month!

Planner Setup The Planner Society July Kit - Pic 2Planner Setup The Planner Society July Kit - Pic 3

Recently I was gifted a FiloFax The Original Monochrome by a sweet sweet friend and it was the prefect timing to shift into this pretty planner with the vibrant colors of the July planner kit. And so expected, I had so much fun using the kit!

Planner Setup The Planner Society July Kit - Pic 4Planner Setup The Planner Society July Kit - Pic 5 I’ll let the photos and process video to do the talking and you see for yourself just how versatile the kit is and the many ways to decorate up the pages. No rules, no right or wrong, but to go with the flow and where your heart takes you to. Have fun and add colors to your life!


PS – pardon me for the flickering of the lighting of my process video. Mr Sun was playing hide and seek with me during the filming. ><” Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy watching it!

Thank you for joining me here and I hope you enjoyed what I have shared with you. Till then, keep creating!


Much LOVE, Rach

My Planner Peace

It all started out with the forever powerful and addictive Instagram that I caught the planner bug. And I was fascinated by Filofax in particular. You can read more about my story why I decided to get my first planner HERE.

Rach's Planners

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Finding the Planner in Me (and Keeping to the Plan)

This is the S.T.I.CK.Y situation for the longest time I have ever had – To plan AND to stick to that plan.

Tough I must say. LOL. Half the time, I got lost and always find myself doing the rat race. The feeling of knowing things were not done on time sucks big time.

Overly ambitious and overly idealistic were the main culprits that have been stopping me from being on track. Perhaps being a big procrastinator contributed to the mess I was in too. For all the reason in the world, what took me so long to realize and get things straighten up?! Gosh, I had wasted enough time doing the merry-go-round.

Thankful I came to my senses (better be late than never yes?). I have finally come to peace with myself and honestly, I’m happier. No more frustration? Of course not! I’ll be cheating on myself if I were to say it’s happily ever after. Sure there are still some bad hair days and tight datelines to meet but all are improving and I’m confident things will just get better by the day. *wink*

Planner Me

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