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Walk-Through of My Traveler’s Notebook + Video Tutorial + Setup For Family Trip + GIVEAWAY!

Hiya! It had been a hectic and busy past 2 weeks over here, where the husband was away on a business trip for 9 days (not that long I know but without the extra pair of helping hands at home does make a big difference) and my elder boy was down with a nasty throat infection. Still, we were done with the final school term and now we’re all ready for our family trip after we get our luggage packed!

Web - Traveler's Notebook & Travel Essentials 

Hold it, before I go, here is the video I had promised you that I would share — a walk-through on my handcrafted Traveler’s Notebook + a tutorial on altering a traveler’s notebook insert cover + the setup of my Traveler’s Notebook for the family trip + a GIVEAWAY! Oh yes, a GIVEAWAY! I have wanted to do one and I thought it would be nice to have one while I’m away. 😉 Read More

Video Tutorial: Travel Journal Kit – Say Cheese!

This has been on my To-Do list for the longest time and I finally bite the bullet to make my very first video tutorial! 3 cheers for me! LOL.

Travel Journal Kit - Say Cheese! - Full Reveal

First of all, I need to warn you that I sounded funny in the video and that I couldn’t seem to be able to find my tongue at some points during the recording. I had a few hiccups here and there and please pardon me for the many “ok… erm… eh…” I used the whole afternoon to doing the recording, searching high and low for extra SD card (you’ll know why after you watched the video) and running here and there to charge up batteries etc. Gee, I was like a headless chicken. LOL. Still, despite the duh and the oops, I enjoyed the whole process. Like I said, this is my first video tutorial and I guessed I’m still able to pull it off and hope that the video will be helpful to you.

Read More

Tutorial – DIY-a-Notebook

In general, how many notebooks do one owns and uses them at the same time? For me, I’ve six (and still counting)! Each for its own purpose and they all varies in sizes and looks. And out of the six, four of them were handmade by me.

So here’s what I’m going to show you – to make your very own notebook with 20 easy and simple steps! Read More

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